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This website is intended to provide useful information on a variety of subjects, hopefully you can use most of it. If only some of it is useful to you, then we have fulfilled part of our mission.

We intend to continually update this site and the information on it and only offer the latest, current data available. Suggestions are appreciated, just email us at the address on the contact page.


PC Performance HQ

Is your PC performing like it used to? Has it slowed down to a crawl, are you waiting for files to open and web pages to load for what seems an eternity?

Do you get mysterious error messages and dialog boxes popping up all the time?

Did you get infected with the newest malware or virus? Did your search results suddenly go to pages that are not the same as the original result?

Have you received the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) when you boot your computer up once in a while? Worried about your data you spent so long entering?

PC Performance HQ may be able to help! This web site offers honest, no hype information and advice to make your PC run like new and alleviate those worrisome errors that keep popping up.