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This website is intended to provide useful information on a variety of subjects, hopefully you can use most of it. If only some of it is useful to you, then we have fulfilled part of our mission.

We intend to continually update ths site and the information on it and only offer the latest, current data available. Suggestions are appreciated, just email us at the address on the (future) contact page.


Blogging ideas

If you have a blog (are a blogger) or thinking about becoming a blogger, this page can give you some vluable tips about it. From what to write about, how-to get started, useful training information, and tools and products to make the process easier, this page can help.

Is your blog for your personal pleasure, a way to speak your mind? Or is it a serious moneymaking venture? These pages show you how to set up either type, plus how to monetize your professional blog.

Using guests to write blog posts to increase your popularity can be a great help to your rank in the search engines; these pages provide valuable tips on how to do that.

See how blogging can help your brick and mortar business as well, providing low or no-cost advertising. Placing high in the local search results gives your business local customer exposure when they are trying to locate businesses like yours. Get some tips on how to rank higher than the competition.

Marketing with Linkedin

If you are not on Linkedin, you should be. This social networking site can provide you with valuable connections that can dramatically spread the word about your business or provide lots of networking connections for your professional career.

Learn how to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships for your business and professional career. Just making the links is not enough, use your profile links to interact with your connections for best results.

If you own a business, learn how to use your connections to drive traffic to your web site. Also learn who to follow on Linkedin to stay up-to-date in your business niche.

PC Performance HQ

Is your PC performing like it used to? Has it slowed down to a crawl, are you waiting for files to open and web pages to load for what seems an eternity?

Do you get mysterious error messages and dialog boxes popping up all the time?

Did you get infected with the newest malware or virus? Did your search results suddenly go to pages that are not the same as the original result?

Have you received the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) when you boot your computer up once in a while? Worried about your data you spent so long entering?

PCPerformanceHQ may be able to help! This web site offers honest, no hype information and advice to make your PC run like new and alleviate those worrysome errors that keep popping up.

Choosing Profitable Niches

Thinking of getting into Internet Marketing, either on your own or as an affiliate? Choosing the niche market that is both profitable and not too competitive can be the difference between success and failure.

This site will walk you through choosing that niche.

From selecting a product to create or a product to be an affiliate for, to the profit potential research, keyword selection and analysis, Choosing Profitable Niches can help you get started.